Madbutt (Madelaine) is a self taught Australian artist exploring digital and hand cut collage techniques using vintage and modern materials. For portfolio, press, commission and exhibition enquiries please email.

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Exhibitions & Charity Auctions:

“IDKWTFID” at 7 Tate Gallery, Brisbane (Solo, August 2016)

“Can’t Win, Don’t Try II” at Kamio, London (Group, October 2016)

“What We Do In Queensland” at Gallery 4017, Brisbane (Group, December 2016)

“Let’s Talk About It” presented by Brisbane Collage Club at mous. magazine studios, Brisbane (Group, December 2016)

“What We Do In Queensland II” at Gallery 4017, Brisbane (Group, February 2017)

“She’ll Be Apples at Budd Street Gallery, Melbourne (Group, February 2017)

Primary Arcade and Fort Heart exhibition at Attaboy Roy, Melbourne (Group, April/May 2017)

The Fin Collection and Par Femme exhibition “La Puissance/The Power” at Comber Street Studios in Paddington, Sydney (Group, June 2017)

Dobbin St presents a silent art auction fundraiser for The Heliotrope Foundation on at 64 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY (Group, June 2017)


Selected Press & Mentions:

Style Magazines (June, 2017)

Vice – Creators Project (April, 2017)

Urban Tales (February, 2017)

Pilerats (January, 2017)

NSS Magazine (January, 2017)

Racquet and Tax (September, 2016)

Fubiz Media (August, 2016)