What Is 1800-MADBUTT?

I talk with other creatives and people I find interesting; everything from artists to psychics, life coaches to musicians, and more. We discuss their craft or business, how they got into it, what they've learnt, and any advice they have for others! This is an informative podcast designed to help you and others better understand the world of an artist or a business owner.

Sometimes I record singular quick episodes where I discuss mental health and my own art practice. As an advocate for individuals who are healing from trauma, I find this to be very cathartic for myself and I enjoy being able to share my healing journey and knowledge. However, I am not a licensed therapist, so please always seek support from professionals and I suggest finding more resources that may help you.

I am always on the hunt for guests and topics to discuss, if you would like to suggest yourself or someone you know, or a topic to discuss, please use my contact form below. If you have any feedback, please also use the form below!



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