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Best Ways To Find Vintage Materials

I sometimes get asked the question: where can I find the best vintage materials to use? I think it is part luck and hard work finding great materials to use. You really need to be proactive in finding materials - never think that it will just appear in front of you, you have to search for it and visualise what you want (that's what I do)! I have definitely been lucky and have been given tonnes of Nat Geo's and Scientific American magazines but that was through conversation and the good grace of other people donating them to me. 


Searching at Strand (828 Broadway, New York, NY)


Some of my favourite places in NYC to find materials:

  • Flea Markets - Upper West Side has some great markets throughout the Summer and Autumn, also go to Brooklyn they have awesome markets on the weekends.
  • Strand - I can find what I want directly from the section I am looking in, plus you can usually find two or more of the same book. This is my favorite place to go in New York. I love Strand so much!
  • Ask around online and when you are at dinner with friends, sometimes they have a trove of amazing things hidden in their parents or grandparents place. If you don't ask you never know!  



Some of my favourite places in Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) to find materials:

  • Op Shops - I love going to these places, you can give your number to the staff and ask them to call you when anything new comes in. Don't rely on this though, you need to also make an effort to come in once a month. Also, the deeper you go into the country/out of the city the better quality you will find. I totally suggest making stops when you go on road trips with friends to festivals or family trips. 
  • Book Stores - Pretty much the same thing as Strand but usually only finding one. Most independent book stores charge a lot of money, so try to find the most popular within the City that you are in. 
  • Gumtree/Online - Make posts online stating that you are seeking old vintage magazines and if you can't pick them up yourself you can always use things like AirTasker or ask a friend! 
  • State Library - Don't rip from their pages but photocopy from them! 


I hope this helps anyone who is looking to invest in magazines and books. It's all through trial and error that you learn. Remember that when you are haggling for a certain magazine or book, if you really really and I mean REALLY need it sometimes it's good to just meet them half way. 

xx Madelaine 

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