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Free Prints for Self Isolation

This coronavirus pandemic is so wild. In Australia, it is developing and scary idea that the world is shutting down around us while our own society is also struggling to cope with the economic and social collapse. I don’t mean to be so sombre, but the situation is serious. I have had friends who have lost their jobs because of bars and venues closing, festivals ending and the lack of business. As someone who struggles with mental health and with personal things happening in my life it has been a daily balance of how much news to watch and how to cope with the idea that I am out of work and isolating until this blows over.


It is very important that we collectively try to stay positive and healthy during this event. This is why I wanted to share some of my artworks and put them up for free! I think this is the best time to be sharing what we can with the world and helping contribute positively anyway which we can. I am not a nurse or an essential worker, but I know I can help brighten up our living spaces with my art.


You can download the prints here!

These prints are for personal use only and are not to be used for commercial use. If you see someone using them for commercial use, please contact me! You can print these at home or through a printing service. I recommend finding a printing service that can do home deliveries (if you are not on mandatory quarantine). You can also order frames online. My blog here will help you with framing. I will be adding new prints each week, so please stay connected through my social media and through the link above to find out when new prints will be up!


They are A3 size, digitally signed and numbered. They are for everyone and anyone who would like to decorate their home while in self isolation. They are only intended to printed on 220 or 300 gsm gloss paper. If you do end up printing them and framing them, please send me a picture! I would love to see them hanging up.


If You Would Like To Help Support My Small Business

Due to circumstances surrounding the current situation in the world, the arts and creative industries has seen a cancellation in contracts and drop in sales. If you can and would like to help support my small business throughout these hard times, you can purchase a gift card which can be used at anytime.

You can gift these to yourself, a loved one, your boss or friend! Anything to help keeping my small business up will help, as I now have no income for the foreseeable future.

I understand that during this time most people are uncertain of their financial situation, like myself. If you are like me and are feeling stressed due to your own situation, I have free prints that you can view and download. Please note that the gift cards are not refundable.

I do want to be transparent and let you know that I am lucky. I have a roof over my head and I am in good health, however I do still have overheads to pay every month while this continues on.

Any amount will help, wither it is $10 or $150. I am thankful for those who do want to help support me and my small business. You can purchase the gift cards here.