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The Benefits & Tips of Hanging Art in Your Home

The process of collecting art is something creators and patrons do as it can be financially beneficial, as well as both a personal and therapeutic process. Wether you are an artist or not, collecting art that you admire is an bonus trait to any home and person. I feel like we all have a mini interior designer streak in us, we all like our homes to look and feel a certain way and collecting art for your space could be taken as a form of creativity.

As I have started to hit my mid twenties I have started collecting my little knick knacks and artworks that I like to have in my house and personal space. As an artist, I completely understand when someone is nervous to buy an artwork because they aren't sure if the investment will work with their colour scheme or they are too worried to put a nail in their wall. Most people don't realise that there are ways around those concerns and once you come past those feelings the process of buying artwork happens naturally! 

If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing some artwork for your space, I've listed some benefits of having artwork in your space and some tips for hanging artwork below.

Just a little side point for aspiring collectors: you should never be pressured into buying anything or going ahead with a commissioned piece, if you don't feel like your heart is in it then maybe it isn't the right piece for you. Perhaps a moment of deliberation and consideration for what you really want is what you need. If you have to be convinced to buy something then it's probably not the right time! 


My most recent collect "Untitled '19", which you can view here.

Constant Inspiration

One of the best reasons to invest in art is for your mental health. Displaying artwork throughout your home and office can help offer endless amounts of inspiration no matter what you are going through mentally. It can be transformative for when you are lacking a bit of luster in your life or if you just need a pick me up!  


Creates Interest & Provides Conversation

If you've ever been that plus one to a party and you find yourself in a room with people you aren't familiar with then pointing out the art and creating a discussion or asking questions is a great way to break the ice! I have certainly found myself in that position and it can sometimes open someone up to their most personal beliefs. It's a great way to bond with others and see if you both have a commonality.


You Learn More About Art

If you're an amateur art collector and have an entry level of understanding between different styles and contemporaries than this is a great way to expand your knowledge of the arts. I feel like our generation is spending way too much time on our phone screens and collecting art in real life means going to galleries and exhibitions - you might even learn a thing or two in a discussion!


Interior Design 2.0

Before I was talking about I believe that we all have that interior designer within us and how we like our places to look a certain way, well artwork is like the cherry on top in interior design. Imagine the Palace of Versailles without artwork, it wouldn't look as fabulous as it does! 

Artwork is a great way to help the room appear finished and polished. You don't have to hang a large collection of ten plus artworks in order for a place to be finished. You can have one piece as a focal point and place it at eye level or you can do a grid installation which is called a "salon installation". If you need some extra inspiration definitely check out Pinterest or Architectural Digest, they always have amazing decor ideas. Below are some visual references for ideas with placements...


Madbutt Hanging Grid