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Updated: Tips for Promoting Your Art On Social Media in 2020

I had recently made a blog post in the past that outlined how to promote your art on Instagram. I want to add some more extra points on how to influence likes and comments on Instagram because the algorithm has changed drastically. I started noticing my likes dwindle when I was absent and I had to do a lot of research to understand why. I hope you find these new tips useful and they benefit your social following.


1. Post frequently and at the same time!

There are several key factors to finding the perfect time to post on your Instagram and Facebook pages. You can read studies online which say to post before and after work times, on Sunday's because people are home chilling out but they don't take into account the times where people are bored and connected to their phone (which is all the time!!).

So take into consideration your top audience's time zone, when your competitors are posting, the industry behaviour and what content you are posting. If you take all of these factors into consideration and reflect upon your likes and audience follows, this will give you the best time to post and keep the frequency on the days that are most popular (you can get this from your analytics data on IG).


2. Add a location!

With the data that you have collected from your analytics, you can actively decide where you'd like to focus your attention on. Usually the top three is best for variation. You can add your location in Stories and Posts alike. By adding the Location as a sticker on a Story, you could be featured in their location stories.


3. Communicate to everyone in every way possible!

This is the most essential part to keeping your engagement up. It doesn't matter if you have a large or small following, you need to spend time listening and communicating to everything - even the negativity. The more comments, likes, shares and direct messages you receive and reply to, means you are more likely to be ranked as great quality and displayed to wider audiences on the explore page.


4. Brand yourself, hashtag and all!

I have a basic hashtag for myself, it's #madbutt. I have gained over 1.3k photos on that hashtag with other people posting my artwork and myself posting art. But you need to think about what hashtags you are going to use for product launches, product updates, promotions, contests and sponsored events. 

You also need to give yourself consistent branding throughout the whole social experience, this means making sure your logo is the same on your website as your Instagram and Facebook, vice versa.


5. First impressions counts and so does your bio!

I went over bios in the last blog post, but more than ever it is important to make sure this first impression lasts and they follow you. A good bio explains what's the core of your business. It needs to speak directly to your target audience within 150 characters (if on Instagram).


I hope these pointers help you with promoting your artwork on social media.