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Reasons To Date A Visual Artist

Madbutt Collage Art Valentines Day Lover Visual Artist Australian


With Valentine's Day coming up soon, I wanted to post something a bit lighthearted considering everything that we've been through in Australia at the moment. I was googling, "top reasons to date an artist" and I only saw articles relating to dating a male artist, who is most likely in a band. Let me in on a little secret, dating dudes in bands is not fun! They are away all the time in different timezones, so if you get a bit clingy, it sucks. But more so, when they are back... they are off recording another album or EP. Ugh, enough about them. This is my top reasons why you should date a FEMALE visual artist (from the point of view of one).


1. We're Passionate!!

We care deeply about things that delight and excite us. We're always looking to be inspired or share beautiful things. You'll have to never worry about a relationship that lacks passion when you date an artist.


2. We Might Put You In Our Works

I have lived this one personally, with several ex-boyfriends. It's very flattering to be put in someone's creation. It bonds your connection further and makes you feel thought about. It reflects how you make them feel!


3. We're Great Storytellers

We deal with strong personalities and opinions on a daily basis. Sometimes the stories regard clients, patrons or other artists. These stories can be very entertaining and you can even lend a hand by listening to us when we need to laugh it off.


4. You're Always Our Plus One

Being an artist means you get invited to cool events and parties, sometimes you're apart of that with your art. You will always be by our side and helping us when perhaps were feeling a bit nervous.


5. We're Not Afraid To Try New Things

We are no stranger to being thrown in the deep end and innovating. We're problem solvers and we try to encourage new and exciting things. You might be surprised by how open we are to trying new things.


6. We're Independent

We know what we want and we're going after it, there is nothing that can get in our way and sometimes we will have to choose our career over you. It doesn't mean we don't care about you, it just means we need to take every opportunity. On the plus side, if you go overseas or on a boys/girls trip we won't take offence because we understand why. It's important to you. 


7. We Will Encourage You & Never Let You Give Up

If you face any issues or problems, we will be there to help you and offer support. We believe in your dream when you don't and no matter what you're going through, we will be there.


8. We're Intelligent

We appreciate things more than most. We take the time to understand how much energy goes into creating something and we want to learn how that happens. We read a lot more than other people to further our knowledge for subject matter. We make create conversationists when you catch our attention.


9. We Work On Our Own Time

We make time for you when you need it (if we don't have deadlines). As an artist working in your own studio means that you are responsible for your time. But.... we can always make time for our number one!


10. We're Great Gift Givers

We put a lot of energy into creating or finding the perfect gift for a loved one. We think about what you like and how we can make you happy within that moment.


11. We Encourage Individualism

Be yourself, we only want the authentic you!