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Freedom & Balance

Freedom is a funny idea, it's something we all want but so many of us don't actually have. Some people are tide down to jobs that they hate, relationships that constrict their needs and maybe, they don't even realise that their lack of freedom is hindering their pursuit of happiness. The creator of philosophy Socrates said "Ignorance is bliss", and in context of freedom, not knowing that you are being held hostage to what could of been is always a bad after thought once you realise it. 

Balance is an ever changing state of existence. Sometimes things tilt to the left and you feel a little out of sorts, usually your actions thereafter will help level it back out to the calmness that makes you think, "Wow... life ain't so bad after all". As an anxious individual, I have realised that if my freedom is taken away from me I find it extremely difficult to get my balance back. For me, it's about learning to communicate and use that unstable energy to exercise my freedom in order to get my balance back.

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