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About Madbutt

Madelaine Buttini (Madbutt) is a visual artist from Brisbane, Australia currently exploring hand cut and digital collage using vintage and modern materials. Madelaine aspires to bring a moment of happiness and hope from her artwork to those who feel lost and alone within our society. She aims to bring awareness about being open and talking about mental health issues and embracing life's many challenges. Her work reflects upon the challenges she has faced as a friend, girlfriend and feminist.

Over the past year Madelaine has been busy exhibiting in New York, London and throughout the East Coast of Australia. In 2017 Madelaine's work was featured in VICE Magazine and vastly online after Lana Del Rey shared one of her first public works "Brigitte" to promote her latest album, "Lust For Life". Although Madelaine wasn't credited she was always thankful for Lana showing love and sharing her work! Since then her collage artworks are within inspiration sections of fashion literature and on covers of books and albums.

As an artist Madelaine aspires to bring attention to important issues that affect a variety of communities. Most recently discussing within original works the issue of consent within female circumcision (FGM) at her first Sydney group exhibition and exhibition within the city. She has donated works to charity art auctions for Friends With Dignity, Beyond Blue and The Heliotrope Foundation to help raise funds for those in need. 


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Exhibitions & Charity Auctions:

“IDKWTFID” at 7 Tate Gallery, Brisbane (Solo, August 2016)

“Can’t Win, Don’t Try II” at Kamio, London (Group, October 2016)

“What We Do In Queensland” at Gallery 4017, Brisbane (Group, December 2016)

“Let’s Talk About It” presented by Brisbane Collage Club at mous. magazine studios, Brisbane (Group, December 2016)

“What We Do In Queensland II” at Gallery 4017, Brisbane (Group, February 2017)

“She’ll Be Apples at Budd Street Gallery, Melbourne (Group, February 2017)

Primary Arcade and Fort Heart exhibition at Attaboy Roy, Melbourne (Group, April/May 2017)

The Fin Collection and Par Femme exhibition “La Puissance/The Power” at Comber Street Studios in Paddington, Sydney (Group, June 2017)

Dobbin St presented a silent art auction fundraiser for The Heliotrope Foundation on at 64 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY (Group, June 2017)

Raw Artist's Brisbane showcase at The Met, Brisbane (Group, August 2017)

NHS Events presented a silent art auction fundraiser for Friends With Dignity Australia at The Loft, Brisbane (Group, August 2017)

Primary Arcade presented "Disposable" at B.SIDE Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Group, September 2017)

"Jungle Boogie" at B.SIDE Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Group, December 2017)


Selected Press & Mentions:

Inhabit Project (October, 2017)

Style Magazines (June, 2017)

Vice – Creators Project (April, 2017)

Urban Tales (February, 2017)

Pilerats (January, 2017)

NSS Magazine (January, 2017)

Fubiz Media (August, 2016)





"Love Notes" at B.SIDE Gallery, Fitzroy (September, 2017)

"Love Notes" at B.SIDE Gallery, Melbourne (September 2017)