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Request A Private Commission

Please email me directly at for a private commission. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the process, please read them before emailing.


What do I include in the email to you?
Please include the following: your budget, links or screen shots of art by myself that you like and an ideal size of the artwork.

How much does a commission cost?
Commissions can cost anywhere from $500 USD onwards. I ask that those who are thinking of requesting a commission take into consideration that the starting price for an enquiry is no lower than that. The cost consideration goes into size, shipping, how long it will take and the urgency.

I do require a deposit of 50% if the price is over $1,000 USD and if it is under that, I require the whole amount paid in full before I start the piece.

How long does a commission take from start to finish?
This is factor is really mitigated on the size, how complex the piece will be and what other work I have on at the time. I usually take anywhere from one month to beyond six months (for larger series of works).

I have an idea of what I want, can you do something based on this?
Yes, definitely give me an idea of what you like from my previous artworks. I respectfully ask that you do not interfere to much with creative control. I prefer to do my own style of work in order to keep it authentic. If you'd like someone to just make you what you see in your mind, I suggest you use another artist. Art is all about trust and if you like my work, chances are you will like what I make for you.

I'm a business and I want a commission for my workplace, marketing and product. Do you do that?
I certainly do. I create work using a multitude of mediums including hand cut and digital. I have worked with several companies in helping deliver their visual brand mission.

I direct messaged you on Instagram but didn't hear back, why?
I have my notifications turned off on Instagram, so I rarely check those messages. I prefer being emailed as I check this daily and respond from there. I encourage you to email me and wait for a response.