Crosswords of a Bygone Era


I made this collage during lockdowns in Australia. This period of my life was very stressful, and I think this reflects throughout the artwork. I wasn’t sure what I was making at the time, I knew I liked this style, but it wasn’t very sure what I wanted from it.

I truly hate this artwork now, I think it’s a vibrant fever dream. At the time I loved it, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had made on canvas with collage. However, since I have started making collage canvases three years later, I think this artwork is tragic and that’s why I hate it.

I know the feelings I had when I made it; I was lost. I was dissociating a lot. This period is a really difficult time to think about. I think it’s beautiful, but I still hate it. I never want to be back there – I am glad I have grown.

I hope someone else can find this gorgeous and take it off my hands, I have held it for three years and now I am ready to let go of it.

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Canvas Collage, 2020

Collage, archival glue, acrylic paint, varnish, original magazines used

Hand signed and dated

45 x 45 cm | 17.71 x 17.71 inches


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Dimensions 55 × 10 × 51 cm

Crosswords of a Bygone Era


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