Modern meets vintage collage.

Madelaine Buttini is a globally acclaimed visual artist renowned for her work, which seamlessly combines analog and digital collage art. She has been captivating audiences with her unique artistic approach, blending vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities.

From the bustling streets of London to the creative hub of Los Angeles, Madelaine’s artwork has transcended borders. Her work has been gracing exhibitions and music festivals around the world, leaving an indelible mark. Her work has been used by celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Gwyenth Paltrow, to name a few. 

Madelaine’s art aspires to bring moments of happiness and hope, especially to those navigating our busy and overwhelming lives. Her creations reflect her personal journey, addressing the challenges she has encountered. All while celebrating femininity and the beauty of the natural world.

Madelaine has been commissioned to create pieces for an impressive array of clients. This includes True + Luscious, Abrand Jeans, Elle Magazine UK & Poland, Adidas Italy, goop, and The BBC, among others. Her talent has earned her profiles and features in prestigious publications such as VICE, Stylecaster, Pilerats, NSS Mag, Create Magazine, and Thames & Hudson.

The onset of the pandemic saw Madelaine’s artistic focus shift towards digital art. Before the pandemic, she was creating murals and artworks for renowned music festivals. Some clients include Yonder, Darkworld, FOMO, and Camp Flog Naw Carnival. During this period, she ventured into the world of retail, operating a pop-up store in Riverhead, New York, which marked her transition from online to physical retail spaces.

This newfound exploration of digital art led Madelaine into the realm of consultancy work, collaborating with brands and individuals eager to expand their visual expertise. Her collaboration with Prospect NY earned recognition from Architectural Digest, with a prestigious 2021 Cleverest Award.

In recent times, Madelaine has rekindled her podcast, 1800-MADBUTT, where she candidly discusses her own mental health, life experiences, and perspectives. She occasionally hosts guests to delve into their passions and explore what holds meaning for them. She has also extended her outreach to regional Queensland, delivering workshops to young people and the broader community. These impactful workshops were made possible through the support of ArtSpace Mackay, the regional art gallery.

As a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, Madelaine is an ardent advocate for ending the stigma surrounding depression, CPTSD, and mental illness. She actively supports charitable causes that raise funds to help those in need around the world. Her philanthropic efforts have reached organizations such as The Perspective Project UK, MQ Mental Health (UK), The Heliotrope Foundation (USA), Beyond Blue (AUS), Tara Brown Foundation (AUS), Friends With Dignity (AUS), Primate Rescue Centre (USA), and Koala’s In Care Foundation (AUS).

Madelaine Buttini’s journey as an artist, advocate, and creator of positive change continues to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the worlds of art and philanthropy. Her dedication to art and social causes reflects a deep commitment to making the world a better place, one creation and one cause at a time.

Want To Work Together?

Have a look at my portfolio of client based works.


“The First Gathering” at Vacant Assembly (Group, Charity, March)


“Echo” at Side Gallery in Brisbane (Group, December)

No.Order Magazine Launch & Exhibition in Brisbane (Featured Artist, September)

“Ascendence” at No.One Network Headquarters in Brisbane (Contributing artist, collaboration with North Nights, August)

“Paste Ups with Madbutt” at ArtSpace Mackay, four workshops delivered over three days (In person, March)

“Saint” at Side Gallery in Brisbane (Group, Online, February)


“Burn” at Side Gallery in Brisbane (Group, December)

“Negative Space” at Just Another Agency in Melbourne (Group, September)

“Veiled” at Side Gallery in Brisbane (Group, September)

“Alley Cats” at B.Side Gallery in Melbourne (Group, July)

Creative Mornings Brisbane Artist Lecture, Wilderness Theme (60 pax, June)

“Lemonade” at Honey Bones Gallery in Melbourne (Group, March)


Architectural Digest Cleverest Award – Prospect NY x Madbutt “Zodiac Candle Collection” (Now Sold Out) 

“Paste Ups & Paired Wines with Madbutt” at Brisbane Street Art Festival sponsored by Innocent Bystanders (Workshop, May)

“Landing” at Side Gallery, Brisbane presented by Museum of Brisbane (Group, May)

 Contributing artist at Darkworld Festival at The Triffid, Brisbane (Group, March)

“Naked or Nude?” at Side Gallery, Brisbane (Group, February)


“Madbutt & Friends w. Benefits” sponsored by Ballistic Brewery at Poly Gone Cowboy with 10% of the proceeds going to Youth Housing Projects (February, 2020)

Contributing artist at FOMO Festival in all major cities in Australia, in collaboration with Abrand Jeans (Festival, January 2020)


Contributing mural artist at Yonder Festival in Imbil, Queensland (Festival, November 2019)

“postedSTUDIO with Global Inheritance” headlining visual artist at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Naw Carnival at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles (Festival, November 2019)

“Stigma” charity fundraiser for The Perspective Project at Pop Brixton, United Kingdom (Charity Event, September 2019)

“Laneway Party” for Bigsound Festival at Winn Lane, Brisbane (Installation, August 2019)

“The Art of War: Against Domestic Violence” charity fundraiser for Friends With Dignity at Smoked Garage, Brisbane (Charity Event, August 2019)


“End of Year Exhibition” at Polygone Cowboy Gallery, Brisbane (Group, December 2018)

“Tis The Season To Be Mindful” charity fundraiser for MQ Mental Health at Off The Cuff, London (Charity Event, December 2018)

“Spill City Vol.III” at The Zoo in Brisbane, Australia (Group, December 2018)

“Trouble Makers” at VS Gallery in Richmond, Melbourne (Group, June 2018)


“Jungle Boogie” at B.SIDE Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Group, December 2017)

“Disposable” presented by Primary Arcade at B.SIDE Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Group, September 2017)

NHS Events presented a silent art auction fundraiser for Friends With Dignity Australia at The Loft, Brisbane (Charity Event, August 2017)

Raw Artist’s Brisbane showcase at The Met, Brisbane (Group, August 2017)

Dobbin St presented a silent art auction fundraiser for The Heliotrope Foundation on at 64 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY (Charity Event, June 2017)

The Fin Collection and Par Femme exhibition “La Puissance/The Power” at Comber Street Studios in Paddington, Sydney (Group, June 2017)

 Primary Arcade and Fort Heart exhibition at Attaboy Roy, Melbourne (Group, April/May 2017)

 “She’ll Be Apples at Budd Street Gallery, Melbourne (Group, February 2017)

“What We Do In Queensland II” at Gallery 4017, Brisbane (Group, February 2017)


“Let’s Talk About It” presented by Brisbane Collage Club at mous. magazine studios, Brisbane (Group, December 2016)

“Can’t Win, Don’t Try II” at Kamio, London (Group, October 2016)

 “I.D.K.W.T.F.I.D. / I Don’t Know What The Fuck I’m Doing” at 7 Tate Gallery, Brisbane (Solo, August 2016)