Learn about my previous commissions, collaborations, and workshops. I have worked with international and local brands, delivering high end artworks. This is just a few selected works, this is not my full portfolio. Click on the project to see the deliverables!

Goldmine Gummies (USA)

I created five collages to represent the Goldmine Gummies flavours. Without being able to try the gummies, I was trying to create a feeling of what taking them would be like. I felt very happy they turned out! It was definitely a labour of love.

This is currently live on their website, goldminegummies.com

Parade Underwear (USA)

I made eight artworks for Parade’s campaign “Days of the Week”.  For the project seven models took photos using disposable cameras and I used these images to create collages. Using imagery of morning glory flowers, bee’s and butterflies, I wanted to emulate a feeling of femininity.

Read about the campaign here at HypeBae and The Zoe Report.

Adidas (Italy)

I made two artworks for the launch of the Ultraboost ’19 for Adidas Italy.

This is what I wrote about it at the time: “I had a lot of fun creating this work! I want to shoe to feel elevated and heavenly, almost like you could boost yourself beyond the clouds! Wearing these shoes is like walking on sunshine — opulent and gentle!”

Read about the campaign here at NSS Magazine.

Girlfriend Magazine (AUS)

I made a zodiac collection for the one time revival of Girlfriend Magazine! I created thirteen artworks – a cover and twelve zodiacs. These were to emulate all different types of women.

Read about the campaign here at Girlfriend Magazine, or read the magazine here at Issu.

Conscious Calendar Co (AUS)

I connected with the team at Conscious Days (previously Conscious Calendar Co) to create a calendar based on the zodiac signs. These were focused around my collaboration with Prospect NY.

Read about the campaign here at The Field Guide.

Prospect NY (USA)

This was my first zodiac collection, I spent six months creating twelve designs and writing descriptions for all signs. The designs were focused around ruling elements, planets, flowers, gems, and more. I collaborated with Prospect NY to sell these throughout store fronts in North America, notably within The Standard Hotel.

This collection won the 2021 Cleverest Award for Architectural Digest.

Read about the campaign here at Stitch Fashion.


I was commissioned by the Elle UK team to create a collage using licensed images to help elevate their article focused around CBD oil. Working alongside with their team was an absolute dream and I appreciate them reaching out to me to make this artwork for their August 2019 print issue.

True + Luscious (USA)

I was commissioned by Beverley Hills based cosmetic company True + Luscious to make an exclusive palette design. The palette is called “Flora Furiosa” and is vegan, cruelty free, and talc free! I loved being able to align myself with a company who do not test on animals.

Purchase the palette here.

Sweet Bake Truck (CA)

I was asked to add some floral flare to this food truck in Canada! I felt very blessed to be asked to do a project such as this while in Australia.