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In 2015 I started using collage as a primary technique for creating my art. I have been approached by different companies, brands, bands and private collectors to create artworks for their businesses, projects, homes or offices. I believe they chose my artwork because I offer a unique style with a feminine touch and professional attitude throughout the whole process. As I develop as an artist I have found diversity in what I create and how I create it. 

My Services

I offer an array of services to those who are seeking a commission for business or personal use. I can also be hired to offer an artist consultancy services which are valuable for those who are new to the business, looking to develop their brand or need extra guidance.

The artwork I can produce includes:

  • Artwork for book covers, magazines, album covers and podcasts
  • Private commissions for collectors
  • Truck vinyl wraps
  • Marketing material for social media, websites and in store
  • Murals and wall art
  • Artwork for merchandise

Commercial Services

For businesses each project is quoted on the amount of time it will take for me to source images, produce the artwork and I offer two amendments for free.

Previous Commissions