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Australian Collage Artist:

Internationally recognised contemporary collage artist used by Lana Del Rey, Adidas, Elle UK and more.

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Conscious Calendar Co x Madbutt

Welcome to your 2022 Crystal Calendar. Includes 12 intuitively selected Crystals, one for you to open and connect with each month. 

Illustrated by Internationally acclaimed collage artist Madelaine Buttini. Each months bespoke image depicts the crystal in a whimsical setting inspired by the monthly zodiac sign.

Come on the journey with us and enjoy learning and expanding your knowledge of each crystals unique energies and how they can serve you. Consciously discover how to harness self-love, courage and connection. 


Prospect NY x Madbutt

The Zodiac Candles create an atmosphere of celestial light. Using the traditional horoscopes but adding contemporary flair, I used the colourful, inspirational collage works I am known for on each zodiac sign.

My signature style mixes vintage and modern materials and she brings to light our search for meaning in the sky. Whether you look to horoscopes as a form of identity, an entertaining or superstitious way to spend time, or a purpose and hope for the future, The Zodiac Candles offer a modern interpretation to an age old tradition.


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