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See you at Yonder Festival!

I am creating a mural at Yonder Festival which is to be hosted at the Sunshine Coast on November 28th, 29th and 30th 2019.

I invite you to join me at three day festival to enjoy new music, sunshine and art. If you have any questions regarding the festival please see the link below and their FAQ section.

You can purchase tickets here and see the event details.

AfterPay is now available for US customers!

Lots of my New Zealand and Australian customers have enjoyed using the AfterPay feature within my store to help grow their collection. I am so excited to announce that my customers based in the United States of America can now use AfterPay also.

What is AfterPay?

Afterpay is a way to order your Madbutt art prints and other merchandise without needing to pay the whole amount upfront. We ship your order out as normal and you pay it off in fortnightly instalments over 4 or 6 weeks depending on the transaction price.

For more FAQ, click here.

Free Wellness Wallpapers!

I love being able to give out free things to my customers and followers on Instagram and Facebook. I am constantly uploading new wallpapers to this collection on Pinterest. 

Make sure to follow me on Facebook to be updated when new wallpapers come out online!

View the collection here.

Thank you to everyone who came and saw the artwork I made for the Laneway Party in Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley.

For Budget Buyers: Poster

Don't want to break the bank? you can now purchase prints as Posters. These prints are hand signed and open ended. Perfect for entry level collectors and lovers of collage art.

Shop Poster Prints here!

For The Collector: Limited Edition

They are hand signed, numbered, dated and are limited edition for extra collector value. Basically once a print sells out, that's it there is no more.

Shop Limited Edition Prints here!

Something Special: Private Commission

I do private commissions. Please email me with your idea, budget and desired print size to

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